Well what can I say when you do too much you get burnt out. So yeah I am slacking a bit and slowing down. Besides school started and that is such a nightmare around here.
But with the whole turmoil that education causes in my home, I managed to get another room done! or well ... maybe half of it.
I started working on this guy a while ago with the help of my beautiful daughter and it is finally done.
I can finally display this amazing piece of furniture that I had stashed in my garage for 5 months. I love it!!!

Of course I never took a before pic because I suck at that, but here is the in the meantime pic that I took of Val, while she was priming it.
Thomasville beauty and extremely heavy, here it is. I now have storage for all my movies and board games!

And here are pics of the family room before and after. This is the side that is finished, the other side will be the dining room, still working on it.

And here it is now
 Here are my reupholstered old couches as well. I love doing my own stuff!
Stay tuned for the living room!
PS: Look at what my ma got me!!! Love my new Broncos key and hat! Thanks ma!


Kitchen done!

I finished my kitchen and I cannot be more ecstatic!!! There is nothing like the rewarding feeling of doing things yourself. I started with a super boring kitchen. Ugly tile, crappy colors.
I re painted cabinets with ASCP in Pure White and waxed 3 times. This was very time consuming because I was moving as well so it took a couple of weeks. Then we painted walls, installed a back splash and laid new floors. The change is so dramatic! Amazing what a bit of paint and minor details can do. I had help with the floors and back splash since it was my first time. I love love love my kitchen!
Here are the pics!!

And the before and after

Stay tuned for more!


Slowly but surely

So I finally finished moving and my house is a complete mess. I have food in my living room, my garage is full of furniture waiting to be moved in and OMG I cannot find certain things for the life of me. That's what happens when a bunch of men help you and drop things where they can.
To top it off we have been having so much rain, my garage flooded because one of the drains is clogged. My AC is not working and I am waiting on my home warranty to come and fix it. Well those are a few of the things I have been dealing with.
On the upside, kitchen is almost done. I will post pics of before and after.
And I am now working, or I should say my daughter is working, on my monster TV console I bought in the spring so I can finally display it.
This baby is as heavy as they come and super ornate so I am thinking it will look awesome once it is done.
Here are some pics of the "process" since I always forget to take before pics.

It's huge! Valentina is helping me prime while I work. I should be able to finish it this weekend.
And here is a pic of the floors finally done in the kitchen!!! I love them! Thanks to my awesome ex husband and good friend Jorge for helping.

Stay tuned


Time is of the essence

Hello!!!! You must be wondering where the heck I have been since my last post or repurposing new stuff.
Well I bought a house at the end of June, and it needed a bit of a facelift. So I have been working super hard on that and on packing my old house so I can move by the end of the month. 
I am exhausted. I work and then come to the house and texture walls and paint. I'll add some before and after pics of the house as I go. I don't think I will get everything I want done before moving. But the major parts are almost done. 
My room before. Popcorn ceilings and nasty khaki paint. 

My room now. Orange peel ceiling and grey paint. 

Brenna's room before. Popcorn ceiling and nasty paint and wall art. Some people should never be allowed to handle paint. 

Brenna's room now! She chose a cute rose color and the popcorn and nasty tree are gone!! 

Living room before.

Living room now! White washing of the fireplace will take place at a later date. 
These are some of the pics. More to come! If you don't see me around I am working!!! Drop by and bring me a snack! 


Secret project

So after working on this little project for a few weeks, I can finally reveal the results. This is for a friend who's baby shower is today and we finished it this morning.
I got the cradle for cheap on an online yard sale and we started working on it. Spray painted it off white and my mom made all the bedding. Lighting makes it look white but it is very light pink with striped and polka dot fabric.
Isn't it darling??? Stay tuned for more to come!

Before and after 
The chippy job was not good when we got it, and it was quite dirty. One of the legs was glued wrong, so we sanded it down and fixed the leg.


In the works?

Memorial weekend!!! I wish I can spend it painting away but my children would kill me. So park time and BBQ time it is! I love a 3 day weekend. 
I started this beauty back in my old house and it has been sitting in my garage unfinished, so I do not have a before pic. But here is a in the works pic. 

And here are the 2 other projects I have started working on.  2 vintage chairs and another little sofa table that I had to reinforce and it has been drying for a few days. 

Aren't they cute!! Stay tunned and Happy Memorial weekend!!


Hot off...my table.

Wow it has been a super nice day today! almost 80 degrees and not windy for a change.
I went garage saling this morning and I scored a few nice things. My garage cannot handle anymore treasures I think.
This week I finally finished 2 tables after a very rainy couple of weeks. Still working on the chair and started 2 more side tables, yes I have way too many of those.
My daughter stole one of the little tables I finished today and the other one is for sale.
Here are the results and I am now sitting down enjoying some spinach and feta pizza. Yes we have a weird pizza taste around here.
Looking forward to finishing more projects as the nicer days roll around.

Here they are! Valentina really likes the "white washed" look so she kept the gray/turquoise one as you can see. I didn't even get to take a picture before she put all her stuff on it.

Before and afters.My phone is not taking great pics today, or maybe it's me....


Spring is finally here!

Yes yes yes! the horrible winter and all the rain has finally passed and I am so ready for this season of painting and redoing stuff.
I have taken the summer off school ( yes I will miss those credits I am giving up now, next semester) but I am planning on moving, if I can find a home to buy. School and moving do not mix.
I have started some new projects after a long hiatus of nothing done, due to lack of space and school, work kids, problems...you know the everyday stuff.
I must say I miss repurposing and I have to empty my garage one way or another so these later projects will be all for sale since I don't think I can fit anymore furniture in my house. And the money will come in handy for tuition in the fall.
I just refinished this little table, one of my friends gave it to me like 5 years ago and it has been sitting around for that long, yes 5 years, I think my mom's hoarder genes are starting to manifest ack!
I used a can of oops paint for this one and it was a beautiful sky blue which I topped with black glaze, I love it and it matches my floral chair so well that I will have a hard time letting this one go, but oh well. It is for sale now.

I love it!

In the works are these guys. Stay tuned!! Cheers!


Will spring ever get here?

Boy it has been a long while. Time is a coveted prize in my life lately, and I wish my days had 30 hours. 
I am excited to be done with school and start on all my PHDs (projects half done) this spring!!! But why so much rain?? Ugh.
House hunting has turned out to be exhausting and I hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon!  

Stay tunned for new projects!!! 
:::back to LDS conference now::::


It's a new year

Wow it has been a while!
Between school and work I have hardly had any time to post anything.
Well first of all Happy New year! We had a great time over the holidays with friends and family.
So about a year ago I decided to reupholster my living room set and well I finally did it!!!
Yes it took me a whole year but 2013 was a hard year for me, I started school, I moved, I got divorced and I changed jobs twice. In between all that, I did finish reuphosltering my couches though. The last one I did in one day and I got it finished before Christmas.
If you are new to this post, well I started with my loveseat last March with a 55 yard roll of fabric I scored from my mom's workplace. I have had this set of couches for 10 years and I was tired of the print, of course I did not want to pay for a new set so after trying my hand at reupholstering some wing back chairs and other small things I figured I could do this.
I did my first one in about a month between school and work, then I finished my chair in between the move and finally I had to wait for winter break to tackle my big couch.
I am so proud of the result and I feel even better because I did it myself!
Here is the before and after pic of the big couch.

I wanted a solid color for the big couches so I could play with pillows, which I ordered from Ebay for about $5 each, they have not arrived yet.
Here I am tearing the couch apart.
I saved the dust covers and tack strip to reuse, but you can find tack strip online or at Joann if you break it.
Here are some pics of the process of putting it back together. I have a regular electric stapler and these are the staples I used.

 I even reused the card board that came with the couch, but if yours gets shredded when you take it apart you can cut pieces out of cereal boxes.

And voila!!! here is the whole set all finished!! Doesn't it look great? I love it, my small pillow covers are coming and they are all beige with pictures of crowns and tufted chairs. I love them! Will post pics when they arrive. School is starting Monday so it might be a while before I post my next project.