My desk is done!!!

Yay!!!! I finally did it! I bought this desk almost a year ago and it say in my garage and then moved to my new garage and oh boy I needed it.
I started it before I had school and I did not have enough time to finish it, so it took a while . Between classes and work I would do a little each day.
I painted it a light beige and I didn't like it, so I mixed in some black and came up with this gray I loved. Then I decided to do the white accents and the chevron chair, which was a pain. Whoever said chevron striped were easy!!?!?!
But anyways here it is!!!

I had a moment of panic while I was doing it when I realized I had picked up oil based primer, but after researching a while I found out it's ok to use any paint on it so phew!! that was a close one.
After the 2 coats of paint I gave 2 coats of polycrilic to the surface of the desk and the chair.
For the white details I used a concealer brush I had laying around somewhere. The chevron stripes were a pain to trace but I found a good tutorial on google and I followed it.
For some reason the different lighting affects the color in the picture but it is gray.
Here it is in my room all set up!!!

And of course the before and after!!!!

Stay tuned for more upcoming projects for my living room!