I'm a slacker...sometimes.

Well it has been way to long since I posted that's for sure. But don't you dare think I have not been busy. 
School and work have been a little overwhelming and I'm close to being burned out. Include 4 kids 24/7 and yeah you got your perfect chaotic mix. Don't 
forget the 3 dogs as well and my mother. 

So this summer my amazing ex in laws took the kids again for a couple of weeks and I decided to finish their rooms once and for all. I had the ideas of what I wanted to do with them since I bought the house but they had not translated into happening very well over the course of the year. 
Well this summer it finally happened. I dropped my course load to 1 this semester and I had a little time in my hands along with some funds ( finally recovering since the big revamp when I moved in). 
First I tackled the boys' room. These two had some serious dust and socks hidden everywhere. I ditched the old bedding sets for some nicely colorful ones I got at Burlington ( love that place) for $30 a piece. Not bad for young kids and with sheets included. 
Hit the local DI ( thrift store) for a new bookcase and I found the perfect one for just $15. Killer deal since it was in very nice shape with the exception of one broken shelf. 
While at Burlington I picked up a couple extra globes to feed my obsession and to go along with the map theme the boys have. 
New hampers and picture frames at Ross for only $9 each and I was set. 
Check out the results! 
The decal that took me and my mom 2 hours to put up. 

Beds and new bedding. Notice cute hamper in the corner. 
I need a new dresser. Still searching. 
The bookcase. Not too shabby huh. 
They loved it. They have even kept the room cleaner now. 

For Brenna's room. I picked up some new bedding as well for the same rocking price as the boys'. I had an old and heavy bookcase in my shed that I had planned to paint for her. I dug it up and cleaned and it looked super cute with the old rugged look so I kept it that way. 
Also got some new wall decor stuff and hamper to match. 
Here are the results. 

New curtains as well. 
Cute wall stuff from Hobby Lobby. 
The old bookcase. Super heavy! 
I'm proud and I think I might take another long break before any new projects. 
Well until next week when I redo my room that is.