Secret project

So after working on this little project for a few weeks, I can finally reveal the results. This is for a friend who's baby shower is today and we finished it this morning.
I got the cradle for cheap on an online yard sale and we started working on it. Spray painted it off white and my mom made all the bedding. Lighting makes it look white but it is very light pink with striped and polka dot fabric.
Isn't it darling??? Stay tuned for more to come!

Before and after 
The chippy job was not good when we got it, and it was quite dirty. One of the legs was glued wrong, so we sanded it down and fixed the leg.


In the works?

Memorial weekend!!! I wish I can spend it painting away but my children would kill me. So park time and BBQ time it is! I love a 3 day weekend. 
I started this beauty back in my old house and it has been sitting in my garage unfinished, so I do not have a before pic. But here is a in the works pic. 

And here are the 2 other projects I have started working on.  2 vintage chairs and another little sofa table that I had to reinforce and it has been drying for a few days. 

Aren't they cute!! Stay tunned and Happy Memorial weekend!!


Hot off...my table.

Wow it has been a super nice day today! almost 80 degrees and not windy for a change.
I went garage saling this morning and I scored a few nice things. My garage cannot handle anymore treasures I think.
This week I finally finished 2 tables after a very rainy couple of weeks. Still working on the chair and started 2 more side tables, yes I have way too many of those.
My daughter stole one of the little tables I finished today and the other one is for sale.
Here are the results and I am now sitting down enjoying some spinach and feta pizza. Yes we have a weird pizza taste around here.
Looking forward to finishing more projects as the nicer days roll around.

Here they are! Valentina really likes the "white washed" look so she kept the gray/turquoise one as you can see. I didn't even get to take a picture before she put all her stuff on it.

Before and afters.My phone is not taking great pics today, or maybe it's me....


Spring is finally here!

Yes yes yes! the horrible winter and all the rain has finally passed and I am so ready for this season of painting and redoing stuff.
I have taken the summer off school ( yes I will miss those credits I am giving up now, next semester) but I am planning on moving, if I can find a home to buy. School and moving do not mix.
I have started some new projects after a long hiatus of nothing done, due to lack of space and school, work kids, problems...you know the everyday stuff.
I must say I miss repurposing and I have to empty my garage one way or another so these later projects will be all for sale since I don't think I can fit anymore furniture in my house. And the money will come in handy for tuition in the fall.
I just refinished this little table, one of my friends gave it to me like 5 years ago and it has been sitting around for that long, yes 5 years, I think my mom's hoarder genes are starting to manifest ack!
I used a can of oops paint for this one and it was a beautiful sky blue which I topped with black glaze, I love it and it matches my floral chair so well that I will have a hard time letting this one go, but oh well. It is for sale now.

I love it!

In the works are these guys. Stay tuned!! Cheers!