Well what can I say when you do too much you get burnt out. So yeah I am slacking a bit and slowing down. Besides school started and that is such a nightmare around here.
But with the whole turmoil that education causes in my home, I managed to get another room done! or well ... maybe half of it.
I started working on this guy a while ago with the help of my beautiful daughter and it is finally done.
I can finally display this amazing piece of furniture that I had stashed in my garage for 5 months. I love it!!!

Of course I never took a before pic because I suck at that, but here is the in the meantime pic that I took of Val, while she was priming it.
Thomasville beauty and extremely heavy, here it is. I now have storage for all my movies and board games!

And here are pics of the family room before and after. This is the side that is finished, the other side will be the dining room, still working on it.

And here it is now
 Here are my reupholstered old couches as well. I love doing my own stuff!
Stay tuned for the living room!
PS: Look at what my ma got me!!! Love my new Broncos key and hat! Thanks ma!


Kitchen done!

I finished my kitchen and I cannot be more ecstatic!!! There is nothing like the rewarding feeling of doing things yourself. I started with a super boring kitchen. Ugly tile, crappy colors.
I re painted cabinets with ASCP in Pure White and waxed 3 times. This was very time consuming because I was moving as well so it took a couple of weeks. Then we painted walls, installed a back splash and laid new floors. The change is so dramatic! Amazing what a bit of paint and minor details can do. I had help with the floors and back splash since it was my first time. I love love love my kitchen!
Here are the pics!!

And the before and after

Stay tuned for more!


Slowly but surely

So I finally finished moving and my house is a complete mess. I have food in my living room, my garage is full of furniture waiting to be moved in and OMG I cannot find certain things for the life of me. That's what happens when a bunch of men help you and drop things where they can.
To top it off we have been having so much rain, my garage flooded because one of the drains is clogged. My AC is not working and I am waiting on my home warranty to come and fix it. Well those are a few of the things I have been dealing with.
On the upside, kitchen is almost done. I will post pics of before and after.
And I am now working, or I should say my daughter is working, on my monster TV console I bought in the spring so I can finally display it.
This baby is as heavy as they come and super ornate so I am thinking it will look awesome once it is done.
Here are some pics of the "process" since I always forget to take before pics.

It's huge! Valentina is helping me prime while I work. I should be able to finish it this weekend.
And here is a pic of the floors finally done in the kitchen!!! I love them! Thanks to my awesome ex husband and good friend Jorge for helping.

Stay tuned