I'm on a roll

Sooo I seem to be motivated after my move. I have finished another PhD (Project half done).
This one I started right before I moved so it arrived to my new house half way done and it has been looking at me all along so last night I stayed up til midnight and I finished it.
I love it! Here is the old ugly print.
This set I bought 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. I love it and it is the most comfortable living room set I have ever had, it is also in great shape, so instead of spending $1000+ on a new set I decided to reupholster them myself. Yes it has been a bit of an adventure considering I started in January lol, but slowly but surely I have finished 2, sort of.
Keep in mind between moving, divorcing and school it has been a bit crazy here.
So for this chair I got the fabric at Home Fabrics, I think I payed $5.99 a yard and I bought 6 yards to have a bit extra for pillows. This chair was a bit difficult because of the upholstered legs, but I figured it out by taking pics as I was taking it apart.
Here is the final result, I am pretty happy with it, there are a few wrinkles here and there, but it's ok since it is for me. My wign back chair turned out much better since it was an easier shape to do and no upholstered legs.

Here is a picture of my loveseat, which I started long ago and I finished a couple of months ago but never posted it for some reason. I still need to do all the pillows so only one pillos was made to try out the pattern and the rest are still with the old fabric on...oh well I will get to them lol.

And here is my upcoming project , this is my desk I got like a year ago lol and it's time to finish it because I need it!!! Hopefully I can do it before I start school on Monday .


Just keep painting...

So yessss, I am all moved in!!! This has been so far the worst and longest move of my life! I started last Friday and I kept going back and forth even after work every day until we were done. What a hassle!
Of course I had a couple of project going on while we moved, yeah call me crazy but I needed a few new items ready for the new house.
First of all I had a dresser that my neighbor Jeanne had given me a few months back. My oldest daughter claimed it and I started painting it a while ago but I stopped and then I decided to finish it before we moved, nice idea! So I had painted the dresser part but I still needed to paint the mirror. She also wanted like a "washed look" with yellow and the hardware in a pastel color.
I went with Annie Sloan of course since it's fast. I did 2 coats of Old White on the whole thing and then I tried to "wash with Annie Sloan Arles but was coming out too dark so I mixed the Arles with some glaze and "washed away" . It turned out super cute!!!! She picked Krylon's Ocean Breeze for the hardware and we were set!! Look at how cute it looks!!

Here is the before, of course with all the craziness I forgot to take before pics so here it is half way done.

And here is the final result.

I love it!!

My other project was a dining set I picked up for $50, it has a half wood, half stone table and 4 matching chairs. I loved it , it is super heavy and very well built. So I started painting it before I moved and just finished waxing it today!!

Here are the chairs before.
And here they are after!!! I used Annie Sloan's Graphite for this project and gave it 2 coats of wax. I love it!! I really like the look of the stone with the chalky black.

More to come as I try to make my new home functional!!!
Stay tuned