It's a new year

Wow it has been a while!
Between school and work I have hardly had any time to post anything.
Well first of all Happy New year! We had a great time over the holidays with friends and family.
So about a year ago I decided to reupholster my living room set and well I finally did it!!!
Yes it took me a whole year but 2013 was a hard year for me, I started school, I moved, I got divorced and I changed jobs twice. In between all that, I did finish reuphosltering my couches though. The last one I did in one day and I got it finished before Christmas.
If you are new to this post, well I started with my loveseat last March with a 55 yard roll of fabric I scored from my mom's workplace. I have had this set of couches for 10 years and I was tired of the print, of course I did not want to pay for a new set so after trying my hand at reupholstering some wing back chairs and other small things I figured I could do this.
I did my first one in about a month between school and work, then I finished my chair in between the move and finally I had to wait for winter break to tackle my big couch.
I am so proud of the result and I feel even better because I did it myself!
Here is the before and after pic of the big couch.

I wanted a solid color for the big couches so I could play with pillows, which I ordered from Ebay for about $5 each, they have not arrived yet.
Here I am tearing the couch apart.
I saved the dust covers and tack strip to reuse, but you can find tack strip online or at Joann if you break it.
Here are some pics of the process of putting it back together. I have a regular electric stapler and these are the staples I used.

 I even reused the card board that came with the couch, but if yours gets shredded when you take it apart you can cut pieces out of cereal boxes.

And voila!!! here is the whole set all finished!! Doesn't it look great? I love it, my small pillow covers are coming and they are all beige with pictures of crowns and tufted chairs. I love them! Will post pics when they arrive. School is starting Monday so it might be a while before I post my next project.

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