Winter is coming...

...And that means I can no longer camp out in my garage and paint, like I do when I have a minute!
Bummer! reupholstering time is coming and boy do I need to get my couch done. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
Right now I wanted to share my latest creation. My mom has had this old hutch for a very long time, and after my divorce I am kind of short on furniture so I decided to give it a face lift.
Now, since we have had a cold fall so far I brought it inside and decided to use the amazing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that it's the best out there for fast drying and no smell.
I had about 1/4 of a can left of the graphite I used for my table and chairs and I decided to use it.
I gave it 2 coats and it was enough for the whole thing except the inside of the cabinet.
So since I have a black and red sort of theme in my kitchen I thought I'll just paint the back of the shelves and the inside of the cabinet red.
Well the back board had a crack and the paint would not cover it well. I tried using wood putty to smoth it out but you could still see the bump. So I decided to use contact paper in a pretty red print to cover it.
Well who would have thought that they not make red chevron contact paper?? lol. I looked everywhere and no luck. So while I was at Hobby Lobby shopping I picked up a yard of red chevron upholstery fabric and thought, what the hell, I'll use this!!
And I did! I removed tha back board and I used E3000 glue to paste the fabric onto the board. After that I painted 2 coats of polycrylic on the fabric and once it dried it stayed nice and stiff against the board!! Woot! That way it does not get dirty and it stays put.
I distressed and waxed and spray painted the hardware in red and here is the final result! I love it!!

And here you have the before and after.

Stay tunned for more!!!

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