Don't you dare think I've been slacking!

Aha! yes you probably thought I gave up and that I am a slacker, but nope I have been busy.
Yes, yes my couch is still undone, I still need to finish the cushions but I have been taking advantage of this, oh so warm weather we've had!
Last week it was so nice and warm I decided to take up a small project I had laying around for a while.
My mom picked up this bad boy at D.I. for $3, she brought it home and said to me " I don't know what to do with it but hey it was 3 bucks". I was in love with it, but since I am not a big mail saver ( hello online everything) I put it on my pile of furniture to be done in the garage.

Well for those of you who have 4 or more children in school, you know how hard it is to keep track of everyone's homework, OMG the mess of loose papers and "Where is my math paper??" or " I can't find a pencil!!".
So I remembered my little piece of furniture and thought "Hey, that could totally make a cool homework station"
So I dusted it off and primed it about a week ago when it was still too cold to paint, so I did it on my kitchen counter.
The weather did not cooperate the following days so I waited and let the primer dry pretty well.
Besides I was going to spray paint it so I could not do it in the kitchen this time.
Next I went to Walmart and got a can of Cherry Red by Krylon, which was $3.14, best spray paint ever . I followed this girl's advice at All Things Thrifty about what spray paint to use and this brand is one of the best.
Now red, is thin and it takes several coats to make it look nice and even, so I gave it 4 coats which was all the can yielded.
After letting it dry for 24 hours after each coat, I decided to glaze it.
I used Valspar clear mixing glaze and mixed it with black paint, about 5 parts glaze to one part paint.
Then you just paint on the glaze and wipe off with a wet cloth until you get the desired amount of "old" you want. I gave it about 4 coats of glaze and really focused on the crannies.
Then I ordered a decal from a decal site since I have yet to invest on a silhouette cameo.
After the glaze was dry I put the decal on and voila! My homework station was done!
Didn't it turn out super cute!?? I chose red since I have an addiction to chef figurines and they usually have red paint on so this color matched my kitchen. I love it!

I have started another project since the weather has permitted, so stay tunned!

Now for a more culinary project I have going on.
This one has to do with my diet and cooking.
I always wondered why everything ( food) in America is something "free".
Like, "oh fat makes us fat , let's make our food fat free!" Oh wait but they do not tell people most food without it's fat cannot be digested by the body, so oops we are sabotaging our health.
One other that bothers me so, is gluten free. Ok I understand some people are allergic, but there is a solution, first eliminate the gluten of course but instead of going gluten free, try and make bread or any other foods the right way, that is without using yeast, baking powder or baking soda, which are accelerators.
The reason why most people are allergic to gluten is because the gluten does not get broken down properly when we use an accelerator such as yeast. Hence the gluten is hard on our bodies. This is the same as eating beans witout soaking them, they make us extremely gassy.
Here is a good article about this Properly prepare bread to avoid gluten intolerance.
So I decided to make my own starter, mostly known as sourdough starter.
I bought a few books on Sourdough about a month ago and started researching this subject.
After a while I grinded some fresh wheat and let it sit out for about 2 weeks and then I started my experiment. I named her Louise. Yes I do have a weird habit of naming my things with old lady names.
I started Louise, with 1/4 cup whole wheat flour, 1/4 cup or white flour and 1/2 cup pineapple juice.
The second day you do nothing, the 3rd day you dump out half of the mixture and add the same as the first day. Do the same on the 4th day and from the 5th to the 14th day you dump half the stuff and add the same amount of flour but switch the juice to filtered water.
Dumping out half of the mixture should encourage good bacteria on the new mix and it starts to "roar" lol.
Now check her out, this is day 6 and she is looking "healthy" I am so excited to try some pancakes when she is ready to go!
And my kids are stoked to try our new "experiment" on a loaf of bread.
More to come!!!

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