Winter is really affecting my sanity.

Sooooo, after receiving so many praises about my reupholstered chair, I have decided to redo my entire living room set , yes you read right , the entire... set.
I have so many projects stuck in the garage waiting for better weather that I must find something to do now! I have cabin fever and a set of old couches that are in too good shape to give out.
So I was extremely lucky and I scored 50 yards of chocolate brown upholstery fabric through one of my mom's friends so all I had to do was go hunting for a colorful print for the matching chair!
Now mind you this 50 yards of fabric match my wall colors!, so I will only paint a couple pieces of furniture to make the room a bit more fun since it has quite a bit of brown in it.
Here are the fabrics!!! and the chair/couch they will go to.
Stay tunned!!!!

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