Oh how I love my Lapacho Extract

So it has been a bad week for us , Brandon has been home for 2 days now, with a sore throat and a cough and Brenna just got picked up from school with a tummy ache and started throwing up as she got here.
Ahhh the fun times of mommyhood... lucky for me, I have my loved Lapacho Extract I use for pretty much everything.
For people who don't know much abour herbs, the Lapacho tree, mostly known here as Pau d'arco ("bow stick" in Portuguese), is a tree that grows in some countries in South America, one of those countries being mine, Argentina. The bark of this tree has certain properties that can be used to treat a great variety of illnesses.
When I was little my dad used to drink big mugs of Lapacho tea. My dad has got to be one of the healthiest people I know.
Very anti doctor himself , he helped his immune system by drinking a mug of tea a day, he had a great variety of herbs stored in the cupboard, and a strong smell emanated everytime I opened it up to peek in there.
Of course being a child I thought herbal teas were yucky, but I grew to understand their properties and how to use them myself to help me with my health problems.
I am so very thankful to my dad for that knowledge. Everytime I tell him I give my kids Lapacho extract, I can picture him beaming.
So it has been a Lapacho Extract week here and let's hope they are all better in a couple of days.
Here is a good article on Pau D'Arco, if you care to read it
Pau D'Arco

For those interested, I usually buy all my herbal stuff at
since they carry all my cleansing tea mixes I use and such.
Hoping for a healthier week ahead.

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