Today was a bit of a crazy day here, got up and got the kids off to school.
I really, really tried to get started on my couch but it did not happen. I put the fabric down and layed the old pieces on and marked them, now I need to cut it. Ughh this couch has been totally neglected and I really want to get it done.
Cleaned the house and did a ton of laundry ( l love how I choose to do all my bulk work on days like this one).
We have a tradition for Valentines, we always make gnocchi with the kids, and they love it.
Today though I had an appointment for Brenna, to go see the eye doctor at 4:00 PM since she had been complaining of headaches. Bad day for this with all the traffic and crazy people in love.
Well, $250 and 2 hours later, I was running so late!. The place where I take my kids for glasses is right next to my favorite market, so I had to stop there to get some goodies. I ran in and grabbed some Portobello mushrooms ( My biggest pet peeve is when I see it spelled PortAbellA eeekk!!!) and some other stuff I needed.
By now, I am speeding back home, to hungry kids and a pot full of potatoes to mash.
Onto the gnocchi now, if you have never had this, you need to try it now!
Gnocchi is an italian dumpling type of pasta, made out of potatoes and flour.
I learned how to make gnocchi when I was pregnant with my first child and I had a bad craving. My mom, always hated cooking, so she would not make them for me, so I tried and tried until I got them right. And now I make them for my kiddos.
Finally back home, we got our hands dirty and made our traditional dinner.
I made tomato sauce for them and some yummy creamy stuff with the portobellos I got at the market.
It was worth the work, the mess and the running.
Here is the recipe for the gnocchi if you ever want to try it.

Potato gnocchi

4 lbs russet potatoes ( other kind will be too watery)
4 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder ( I use this, because the flour in the US sucks)

Peel the potatoes and place them in a steaming dish, steam for about 40 minutes or until tender.
If you prefer to boil them, do not peel them or they will absorb too much water and the dough will be  mushy.
Once the potatoes are done put them through a food mill to get a fine puree, do not blend or use a food processor, because these machines brake the starches and you will end up with a gummy mess.
You want a nice, fine puree.
Once you have done this add the flour and the baking powder, start working with a spoon, keep adding flour until you can handle the dough with your hands.
Dump it on the counter and start working it adding more flour until it is smooth and does not stick to your hands anymore.
I usually go by how it feels here , if the potatoes were too moist you will need more flour.
Dust some flour on the counter and cut the dough in smaller pieces and start rolling into small cilinders, about the thickness of your thumb.
Cut them into small bite size pieces. You can give them their traditional shape by rolling them between your thumb and a fork, they will look like a small rolled shell.
I usually skip this step since it's just aesthetics and they taste the same with out the extra work.
Bring a pot of salted water to a rolling boil and add the gnocchi, in about 2 minutes they will start to float, let them cook for about 30 seconds more and then skim them out with a slotted spoon.
Serve with your favorite sauce.


Working it.

1- The gnocchi ready to be cooked
2- When they float they are ready
3- The sauce I was throwing together while I was cooking batches.
4- My sauce, I used 1/2 onion, 1 Portobello mushroom chopped,  handful of fresh parsley chopped, and one pint of cream. Salt and pepper to taste.

The result! My gnocchi doesn't look like the pictures you see out there because I do not  roll it against the fork, so they just look like regular dumplings. They taste the same though.

I am so glad this day is over!
Hopefully I can get started on my couch tomorrow!
Happy Valentines Day!

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