Ahhh Mondays

Mondays are crazy, at least here. I tried to start on my couch but I didn't get far.
Dallin had spotlight at school for his "half birthday" and Valentina got her new dress in the mail, I cannot believe she is going to a school dance, wow time flies.
Dinner was a "lookinthefridgeandworkit" kind of thing and this is how it went.
I had one head of couliflower and an eggplant and I always have pasta, so vermicelli it was.
I roasted the veggies in the oven with some salt, pepper, onion powder and italian herbs. Cooked the pasta and added some olive oil to it, mixed in the veggies and voila, dinner was served.
Two of my kids even ate it, woot!, the other two had noodles with cheese... oh well, I keep trying.
Here is the result, it was great!

Since we are close to Valentines we had FHE on Love one another, and decorated heart shaped cookies for the activity/treat.
They loved it! I didn't love the mess but oh well...I learned to pick my battles.
Happy kiddos...

Tomorrow hopefully I get to work on my couch, since I do not have to volunteer at the school. Wish me luck.

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  1. Hi Sylvina, What beautiful kids! How lucky they are to have such a wise and joyful Mom. Keep it up!