Veggie tacos

Sooo here goes my veggie tacos recipe for the people who requested them!! I am always trying to come with ideas to feed my family with no meat and well it is not easy!! But even my kids requested these today after I made them a while ago for me. Enjoy!
This recipe feeds my family of 7, so feel free to make the necessary adjusments.

Cilantro rice
I always make a more or less rice recipe based on what I have in my fridge , this one has cilantro, onions and a jalapeno pepper.

1 tbsp oil
1/2 onion chopped in big pieces
2 cups of rice
4 cups water
2 tbsp vegetable broth powder or one cube
handful cilantro leaves chopped
Salt to taste ( remember the broth has salt)
1 fresh jalapeno pepper whole (not the canned or jarred type)

In a pot bring the onion and oil to medium heat, fry the onion a bit and add the rice.
Stir and mix the rice and onions and let it fry a bit while stirring. Add the water with broth, cilantro, salt and the jalapeno pepper whole, do not cut it or it will be spicy, this is just for flavoring, if you like to cut it after it is cooked and add it to your rice than is fine.
Cover and bring to a boil, then bring it down to low and cook for 15 to 20 min, or until  rice is done ( try it ).
If you want your rice to be orange like mine ( not necessary), I used one packet of this.

For the beans I used black. I had cooked a batch the day before and I used about half of it.

1 tbsp oil
2 cups of cooked beans ( black or pinto) with some liquid
2 leeks finelly chopped ( white part only) you can use green onions if you don't like leeks.
Handful of chopped cilantro.
Seasoned salt to taste.
1tsp onion powder.
Feel free to add any spices you like here, I just use what I like .

Add the oil and onions to a pan, fry for a couple minutes then add cilantro, beans and spices and let it simmer on low until liquid is almost gone.

The toasted corn is pretty easy
2 cups cooked corn
Salt, pepper and chili powder to taste.

Place corn and spices in a pan and cook until toasted.

Sour cream
Cotija cheese
Avocado ( mashed or in pieces)
Pico de gallo (chopped tomatos, onions and cilantro with some lemon juice)
Flour or corn tortillas.
You can add anything here , maybe lettuce or purple cabagge too!
For the vegan version skip cheese and sour cream.

Assemble tacos with as much of each topping as you like and accompany with rice.

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