The never ending question


What's for dinner??
So, tonight I am making broccoli soup and corn dip to accompany it and to make the meal more "fun".

My kids wanted broccoli soup in bread bowls and HEY, I can never say no, when they ask for a vegetarian meal, right?
So I will add some extra fresh broccoli to the Bear Creek one I got ( I tried the home made one and well they did not like it as much as I did, don't you love kids?) and then I found a good corn dip recipe online and tweaked it to my liking.

This one,  Hot corn dip   I found online and I liked it, I added cilantro to the mix and on top as well after I got it out of the oven, my kids ate it, which is always a plus.
I have always wanted to put my kids on a vegetarian diet, but I hate taking their choice away, so I try to model it and they try everything I make, which is more than I can ask.
Anyways, let's hope everyone is enjoying this freezing temperatures to make more soups and stews, maybe you can share some fun recipes with me!

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