Is Mom sick?

So last weekend I was sick. Mind you I NEVER get sick with the regular stuff ( flu, stomach flu or any of those lovely viruses out there). But I caught it bad and OMG it was not fun.
Friday night we had a poker night with my sister in law and her family, I made pizza, she made chicken tostadas for the kids, anyways. We had fun.
Saturday morning I woke up at 7 with a bad headache and very nauseous. I thought it was another of my "liver attacks" ( yes me and my liver go a long ways, maybe some day I'll share the details).
But no, this felt a lot like morning sickness, which I was lucky enough to have with only ONE of my pregnancies. So off I go to the bathroom and started my morning with a lovely deposit of bile in my toilet.
You always feel so much better after you throw up, so I went back to bed and slept until 9, which by then my kids are getting worried , where is mom???
Dallin, my 5 year old comes into my room...Mom? , so I tell him I am sick. He brings me water and tucks me in ( yes he is my sweetheart), the other 2 poke their faces in and my teen doesn't even find out until noon.
I get up and drink a boldo tea which is good for the digestive system, yes I am very anti medicine and I won't take any OTC stuff or prescribed, 3 teaspoons later I am at the toilet again...ahhh this is lovely, while I am there spewing my guts out I can feel a bad turmoil in my belly , uh oh the stomach bug is not done with me ... as I continue to make another bile deposit in my toilet, the "force" makes me poop my pants in a not very Jedi manner, yep you read right, I pooped my pants! . Dallin comes in the bathroom again and with a scared face asks me ... Mom are you ok?? , no dear, I am not ok, Mommy is sick, can you go get me a pair of pajama pants from the closet?. Dallin: why?, Me :I just pooped my pants. He runs out of the bathroom ... GUYS!!!! MOM POOPED IN HER PANTS!!!....Got to love it. So now I am mommy poopy pants. The joy of motherhood.
The nasty bug did not let me drink water or have any food for 30 long hours.
Meanwhile, today I am still recovering from the mountain of laundry that did not get done this weekend due to my sickness, which lasted about 2 days. And I am telling my kids not to tell anyone about my little accident , but I am sure it will slip...oh well.
Of all the days I can get sick it has to be a Saturday, which is the day I always do everything I don't during the week, laundry, extra cleaning, shopping, and I even had my latest project of upholstering a chair ready to go...well the chair is still sitting in my living room, bare and the fabric is all over the room , ughhh. I need a house elf.

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