I whip my man back and forth.

So this morning it's cold and we have freezing rain, lovely.
As the kids were getting ready for school , Brandon was the usually slow poke. He is just not a morning person.
When you see Brenna, my 7 year old, you see a very quiet and shy child. But wait until you see her or hear her in action. She is very outspoken and speaks her mind no matter what , unless I am around, then she resumes her quiet persona . I guess she takes on my role when I am not there lol.
As we were going out to the car, Brandon gets in and shuts the door, Brenna gets in and she waits ...
finally after a few seconds she yells, Brandon!!! Don't you know you are supposed to close the door for me??? Geez! learn how to treat women!.
Hhahaha I almost died laughing, leave it to my girls to whip men back into shape!!

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