25 random things

It's been a while, I have not finished any projects or cooked any new recipes.
Weather has been completely horrible and uncooperative and well since I work swings I spend my only day off cleaning like a mad ...maid.
I was on Facebook today and I saw this 25 random things post from years ago. I thought it needed an update, so here are 25 random things, facts,  about me. Enjoy!

1- People tell me I look mean and unfriendly sometimes, but that has helped me keep certain people at bay and the ones who made through the wall, are usually the ones worth keeping.
2- I always loved school, life and certain circumstances didn't allow me to continue, but I just registered for Fall semester at WSU and I am as giddy as a High School girl.
3- I have discovered I am quite creative, I never cared to develop that side of myself, but I am loving it.
4- As a young person I never knew how much I would love being a mom.
5- I identify with dark characters ( Snape, Loki etc), I think the ones whith a "dark" facade are often the ones who love the strongest, they just don't know how to show it.
6- I have an irrational fear of frogs.
7- I am a nerd. I have read over 1000 books and watched over 3000 movies so far.
8- I am very impatient, and I often make mistakes because I have to find a faster and better way...live and learn.
9- As a child, I always knew I would live in a foreign country and speak a different language.
10- I am an overthinker, but I find that doing tedious tasks, like sanding furniture, keeps my thoughts at bay.
11- I am a research addict, I can spend hours on the computer looking for info about something. I love information!!
12- I believe God always throws you a bone in dark times, you just have to know how to smell it out and hold on to it.
13- I love being alone, I mean I like friends, but I enjoy loneliness to a strange degree lol.
14- I love music, I want to learn how to play piano.
15- I am a great arguer.
16- I am brutally honest and no, I can't control it.
17- I have 8 crowns, no, not on my head...in my mouth.
18- Someday, I will go to India.
19- Life has taught me that food is not one of life's little pleasures...it has many consecuences lol.
20- I was born in Argentina.
21- I am ambidextrous.
22- I love to dance, I miss those awesome church dances in Miami!!
23- I really could care less what people think of me, I am who I am and if you don't like it well, keep walking!
24- I can't take compliments. ( yes I already had therapy for this lol, but I still can't)
25- I am glad this old note thing got restarted, I like to know more about people.


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